Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's been so nice, my Mama has been home with me for the past 4 days! I have gotten lots of extra lovin'!!  I am a big Mama's boy.....always have been always will be!!
We had a great Christmas. Santa brought us lots of new toys and bones!! I just love my Mama's friends....Ms. Linda and Ms. Lin both gave us some yummy treats. Mr. Tim bought us a big box of Christmas cookies and Ms. Bobby made us a new scarf to wear when it gets really cold outside.
We woke up this morning to snow!! Mama didn't go to church so I thought we would just snuggle all day  but boy was I wrong! Mama took all the Christmas decorations down when I saw what she was going to be doing I decided to get on my bed and take a nap!! This is my favorite place to nap...I like being on the big bed that way I can watch over my sisters. I take the big brother thing very seriously!!
Stay warm and have a good week.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Sweet Boy

                                         In Loving Memory
                                          Cosby Benson
                      April 7, 2005 - December 18, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

                                                    Merry Christmas!!

          I hope all my friends have a wonderful Christmas.
   My Mama put a Christmas tree in my room this year!! It has been so nice to lay in bed and look at my tree. I've been sitting in my Mom's lap a lot here lately too.....she thinks I'm just being sweet but I'm thinking I need to be extra good to make up for some of the stuff I did through the year......I DO want Santa to bring me some new toys!! Santa always brings me a green toy I just love the color green!

  Speaking of green Mom bought us all a new pair if PJ's and they are green with candy canes all over them....they are so cute and comfy! Mom really bought them for us to wear on Christmas Eve but it was soooooo cold last night she let us wear them.

  She was worried about us getting cold during the night but this morning we were all sleeping sooooo good when Mom came in and told us it was time to go potty........well she didn't want us to get our PJ'S wet so she took them off and made us go out in the freezing cold to do our business. HOW RUDE!!

  Mom said when she gets home this afternoon she will put our coats on us and take us out to play in the snow!! I better get a little nap in where I'll be ready to play!!

  Here is our Christmas card from this year.......Don't you just love our shirts? Mom's sweet friend made this for us.....Thank you Grandma Mary!!

Oh, by thy way I'm the cute one in the bottom left, my brother Chester is right above me and my sisters are together.

Don't forget to get a special treat for you favorite 4 legged family memeber!

Pugs and Kisses,
Mr. Cosby


Monday, September 20, 2010

Cosby at 6 Weeks

Mom thought she would show a few of my Puppy pictures. Was I cute or what?

The older lady holding me was Mrs. Jones....I loved her!! Every Friday I got to go to work with mom and she got to spoil me!! Think that's where I got my love for food! She always had special treats to give me!

You have to look hard to see me in my Mama's arms...we just kind of blended together! I think I look like my Mommy....don't you?

Have a Happy Monday! Pugs and Kisses
Mr. Cosby

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bath Night

I am so excited!!! Tonight is bath night...I love my bath!
I make such a mess but Mama says it's okay because I'm having so much fun.
I love it when Mama uses the sprayer on my tummy.
I don't like it when she clips my nails or when she brushes my teeth!
After she gets me out of the sink she always wraps me up in a nice soft towel and we rock for a few minutes then I get down and run like crazy through the house!! Then mama has to clean everything! haha!
She always says I'm a LOT of  TROUBLE but then she picks me up and gives me a kiss and tells me she loves her sweet boy!!
I've got a good life!!
Pugs and Kisses,
Mr. Cosby

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Mama!!

I think my Mama needs to go to parenting class...she forgot to give me my treat this morning!
I live for my morning treat!! Maybe she will give us one or two after supper!!
Pugs and Kisses, Mr. Cosby

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

 My Name is Cosby Benson
I was born on April 7, 2005 in Murfreesboro, Tenn
My Mama adopted me on May 24, 2005
I have several nicknames some are nice and Well some I can't say!!
Mama calls me her Little Man, Hoover, Sweet Boy, Baby Boy, Pretty Boy.....then there are some that are just plain rude!!
My favorite thing in the whole world is food!!
I love birthday cake is always Banana Cake with Cream Cheese frosting...YUM YUM!!
I am not your typical pug...I tend to get into things! It just happens!!
I am very smart.
My Mama says I have a beautiful face.
Did I mention I love food?
I love love love my bath but I don't like it when I have to have my teeth brushed!
I enjoy watching TV. Reba is my favorite show. I like game shows too. I would love to watch a ballgame but Mom always says we can find something else to watch.
I am always so happy to see my Mama when she gets home in the afternoon. She always takes us outside for a little playtime...then it's time for supper....did I mention I love food?
I love to sleep with my Mama but she doesn't let me every night...she says I snore! Bet she does too!
I love getting dressed up. When Mama gets my clothes out it means we are going for a ride in the car...I love car rides, especially if they end at Sonic!
Have I mentioned I love food?
Well enough about is time for my afternoon nap.
Enjoy your afternoon!
Pugs and Kisses, Mr. Cosby

Hi my Name is Mollie Kate
I was born on January 7, 2002 in Clarksville,Tenn (my Mama's Bday)
Mama adopted me on February 23, 2002
I started out in life tiny but I got chubby fast!
With that being said one of my nick names is Chubby! I think that is rude!!
I like it when my Mama calls me baby Mollie.
I love all kinds of food...I try to steal food from the others so Mama make me eat by myself.
I can be anywhere in the house and if Mama picks up the treat jar I come running!!
I tend to play rough because I tear up all my toys...Mama will just fuss when she has to pick up all that stuffing!(I think it's pretty funny)
I love my sister most of girls have to stick together!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Maggie Rose

My name is Maggie Rose
I was born on September 12, 2001 in Ashland City,Tn
My Mama adopted me on November 2,2001
I only weighed 1.1 pounds when my Mama brought me home!
I have several nicknames; Petite Flower, Mags, Little Bit, Magnolia
I love to play outside with my Mama
I love icing please!
I love it when Mama mixes a little bit of Baby food in with my dry food
I love curling up on the bed with my sister Mollie
Mostly I just like hanging around the house....NO Car rides for me!
Happy Wednesday!!

Chester's Day!

Thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.
My name is Chester Barlow (named after my Granddaddy)
I have lots of nicknames: Handsome, Little Prince, Little Lamb,Chess
                         I was born on May 7, 2001 in Manchester, Tenn (that is how I got the name Chester, Barlow is my Daddy Mo's middle name.) Mama adopted me on June 21,2001
I am not ashamed to tell you I am a big Mama's boy!!
Mama's lap was made especially for me!!! Sometimes she makes me let one of the others sit with us and I don't like it! She is MY MAMA!!
I sleep with my Mama every night.
I love Ice Cream (especially from Sonic)
I love to get dressed up...that usually means I get to ride in the car!
I love going to the Pet Store not only do I get a new toy but everybody stops to pet me!
Did I mention that I am a Mama's Boy??
It's time for my morning nap!!
Have a happy happy day!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


                                             Finally......Mom let me have my own Blog!!!!
  I have been asking and asking for my own blog........Mom finally listened. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my siblings. I'll start with my brother he is the oldest his name is Chester and he is 9 years old. I love him a lot we stick together. Then there is my sister Maggie she turned 9 yesterday...Mom made her a Birthday cake and she was very nice and shared with us. Then there is my sister Mollie she is 8 years old and I think she is a brat!!! Everytime Mama buys me a new toy she tears it up! I get soooooooo mad at her but I love her too. Now on to ME! I am Cosby and I will have to say I am full of myself!! I love love love food sometimes I get called Hoover because I eat so fast! I love to watch TV especially Reba, I would like to watch a ballgame but Mom dosen't like sports. I like to dress up because that usually means we are going for a ride which usually ends at sonic!! Did I mention I love food???
  I am so excited to share my life with you. Please stop by often to read about me and my brother and sisters.
If you are lucky enough to have a pug in your life go give him a hug.....a treat would be nice too!!
   It's time for my walk..........check back in tomorrow. Mr. Cosby