Friday, February 4, 2011

Check-up Time

I went to see Dr. Root today for my yearly check-up...........Dr. Root got a little to personal when he took my temp!! I hate it when he does that....then to top that off he cut my nails....all 20 of them! I was a really good boy....I didn't bite him but I sure thought about it! I made my Mama proud (I always do)!  Mama was thinking I might be getting a little to chubby but Doc says I am perfect!! I weighed in at 15.5 pounds.  I am having a little problem with my eyes but eye drops will help with that. We went to Kmart to get me some eye drops on our way home. I got to go in and ride in the buggy!! I made lots of new friends in would think people had never seen a pug in a Zebra shirt before! I love wearing my Zebra was made especially for me! One man told my Mom he would give her 100.00 for me!!!!!!!!!  She told him she  wouldn't take a million for Mama loves me!!
I've had a busy's time to curl up in my Mama's lap and enjoy the weekend.
Stay warm............Love, Chester